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Almost four years ago, Franklin, Tennessee experienced a tragedy, which turned into a traffic and logistical nightmare.  A tanker truck en route to Columbia and carrying a full load of fuel crashed into the Peytonsville Road overpass on Interstate 65, on the south side of Franklin, killing the driver and destroying the bridge. READ MORE >>

Mark Cuban once said, “All businesses are personal.”  For Scott Johnston, this was precisely what got him into the insurance business in the first place.    Back in 1991, his grandparents lost everything in the Great Oakland California Fire, a tragedy compounded by a woeful lack of insurance coverage. READ MORE >>

Types of Business Insurance - Tennessee   Commercial Insurance coverage is available for every conceivable risk that your Tennessee business might face. It is critical to your company’s financial well-being that you have commercial insurance in place before you start your business, as you can lose everything with one act of negligence. READ MORE >>

Barbara is a Nashville native, born and raised.  She made her home in Fort Myers, Florida where she owned her own agency for many years. Hurricane Charlie hit her hard and she returned to Nashville to be with family in 2006.   READ MORE >>

As the owner of Johnston & Associates, I’d like to share with you a brief story of why I got into this business over 25 years ago. It started in 1991 when my grandparents lost everything they ever owned in the Great Oakland California Fire. They were in their mid-80s and suddenly found themselves with no earthly possessions. READ MORE >>

Why In the World Would Anybody Want to do Business with Us? By Scott Johnston   There are a lot of insurance agencies out there to choose from, but you chose us. Why? What were your criteria? Was it strictly pricing? Or was it something else? Aren’t we pretty much interchangeable with any other agency out there? READ MORE >>

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles Tis the season for gatherings and millions of us will take to the airways, rails, and roads.  Keep the following tips in mind to ensure your holidays are merry! Ask a neighbor to keep an eye on your place and leave them your contact information and itinerary. READ MORE >>

Tragedy can strike anybody at any time. Many years ago my grandparents lost everything they owned in the great Oakland, CA fire of 1991. At the ripe old ages of 82 and 84, everything they ever owned was suddenly gone – and they had no way to prove what they owned. READ MORE >>

A teen’s two favorite things:  the car keys and their cell phone.  Unfortunately, that is a dangerous and sometimes deadly combination. And it’s not just an issue for teens. According to the National Safety Council, “Although texting is clearly a serious distraction, NSC data show drivers talking on cell phones are involved in more crashes. READ MORE >>

Think you know Auto Insurance? Take our True/False Pop Quiz.   1.      I’ll pay higher car insurance for a red car. 2.      Liability insurance is required in every state. 3. READ MORE >>

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