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Johnston & Associates Insurance Blog: 8_2014

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As a Franklin, Brentwood, or Nashville condominium owner, you have several benefits over a single-family homeowner - but you are also exposed to several unique risks. Unlike a  homeowner, you have different coverages in force that correlate between your personal insurance and the Homeowner Association’s insurance. READ MORE >>

Unfortunately, bad things can happen. We routinely buy car insurance, homeowners insurance and health insurance. But what if you’re a renter? Who protects your belongings? Who makes sure you’re not held responsible for damage to your apartment? The answer: Renters Insurance. READ MORE >>

Industry professionals recommend that homeowners take an inventory of belongings so that if there is ever an incident in which your home is destroyed, you know what needs to be replaced. Most standard homeowners insurance policies in Tennessee generally cover a home's contents up to between 50 and 75 percent of the home's value. READ MORE >>

Based on results of a recently released study conducted by the Insurance Research Council (IRC), the number of uninsured motorists throughout the USA appears to be on the decline. After a nationwide peak of 29.9 million in 2009, the number of uninsured rivers fell to 29.7 million in 2012. READ MORE >>

An income property is like a Golden Goose – it’ll keep paying as long as you give it a little tender care. There are two disasters that, as an apartment owner, you probably fear most - a disaster to your property or a disaster to your monthly income. Unfortunately these usually occur at the same time. READ MORE >>

It’s a great feeling when you pay off your car loan and get that title in your hands. If you’ve recently paid off your car loan, give Johnston & Associates a call as part of your celebration. We can help you update your auto insurance policy to reflect the changes. READ MORE >>

Do you need it? A 2006 poll conducted by the Insurance Research Council found that only 43% of renters nationwide had insurance. The majority of renters do not have it – and those of you without the coverage stand to lose everything. It runs about $15-$20 per month. Read on… READ MORE >>

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