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Johnston & Associates Insurance Blog: nashville

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Murfreesboro is a university town approximately 35 miles from Nashville and connected by Interstate 840 to Franklin and Spring Hill.  On the last weekend of January, it became the site of an increasing problem in America. READ MORE >>

The stereotype of Southerners and snow is not unfounded.  Middle Tennessee doesn’t get much in the way of severe winter weather, but when it does, it’s a big deal. Four years ago, Brentwood, Franklin, Nashville, and surrounding areas, thanks to back-to-back snowstorms followed by freezing temperatures, saw a record ice accumulation of ¼ of an inch. READ MORE >>

Autumn is the season of falling leaves, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and all things pumpkin spice.  As the temperature goes down, however, the propensity for accidents and other insurance claims goes up.  Benjamin Franklin said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. READ MORE >>

Moonlighting is an American institution, and in today’s gig economy, using one’s vehicle to supplement one’s income is more popular than ever.  From the college student delivering pizza to pay for tuition and books to the father driving for Lyft on the weekends to finance... READ MORE >>

For years now, experts have predicted that the brick-and-mortar store was going the way of the dinosaur thanks to the advent of online shopping.  However, according to a recent study by Accenture, the traditional retail store is experiencing a renaissance, particularly among Millennials and Generation Z. READ MORE >>

The Flood of 2010 left an indelible mark on Nashville, Tennessee.  The United States Geological Service classified it as a 1000-year flood, which means a deluge that has a “one in a thousand chance of occuring in any given year.”  The city saw almost 14 inches of rainfall in a two-day period, which broke a 31-year-old record. READ MORE >>

School has started for 2018 in Brentwood, Franklin, Nashville, and most of Middle Tennessee.  For teens getting their drivers’ licenses or learning permits, taking themselves to school for the first time is an important rite of passage.  For parents of teens, this is also a huge concern and a potential headache. READ MORE >>

When one thinks of Tennessee, certain things usually jump to the forefront:  Elvis Presley, country music, Christian music, the Bible Belt, and barbecue, to name a few.  However, a less commonly known claim to fame is the state’s history of earthquakes. That’s right.  Earthquakes. READ MORE >>

Almost four years ago, Franklin, Tennessee experienced a tragedy, which turned into a traffic and logistical nightmare.  A tanker truck en route to Columbia and carrying a full load of fuel crashed into the Peytonsville Road overpass on Interstate 65, on the south side of Franklin, killing the driver and destroying the bridge. READ MORE >>

Mark Cuban once said, “All businesses are personal.”  For Scott Johnston, this was precisely what got him into the insurance business in the first place.    Back in 1991, his grandparents lost everything in the Great Oakland California Fire, a tragedy compounded by a woeful lack of insurance coverage. READ MORE >>

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