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An odd car accident of sorts made national news two years ago.  According to The Consumerist, the information and news arm of Consumer Reports, a pickup truck in the parking lot a New Jersey Target store hit one of the store’s iconic two-ton, red ball-shaped bollards, which sent it rolling and crashing into another vehicle. READ MORE >>

For any layperson who has tried to read through a typical insurance policy, whether it be automobile, health, or life, the verbage and vast amount of information can seem off-putting.  However, it is important for every policyholder to have a basic knowledge of insurance terminology in order to be informed should the need to file a claim arise. READ MORE >>

In late May, Nashville CBS-affiliate News Channel 5 reported the death of a young man who was riding a scooter downtown when he was fatally struck by a sport utility vehicle.  Talk of a 30-day ban on the scooters was rejected by the Metro Council, though an alternate plan for greater control over the scooters will be up for a vote on July 16. READ MORE >>

Summer is upon us, and while the appeal of warmer weather and lazy days gives us something to look forward to, it’s also enticing to those who make their living from breaking the law.  According to a report by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, which is a division of the United States... READ MORE >>

The end of May 2019 was a challenge for many residents of the Midwest as a series of violent storms spawned deadly tornadoes.  Reports from Jefferson City, Missouri and Dayton, Ohio told tales of loss of life and financial devastation. READ MORE >>

Approximately 40 miles west of Nashville, Tennessee lies the bustling city of Dickson.  Though notable already for its connections to actors Anson Mount and Luke Perry, Dickson has now made national news for a phenomenon affectionately dubbed by locals as “The Dickson Hole.” READ MORE >>

As the weather gets nicer, it’s natural to think of vacation.  The American Automobile Association regularly tracks the driving patterns of the average American, and the trusted authority on car travel has released the following statistics: Four out of ten American adults plan to go on vacation this year. READ MORE >>

April has been designated Distracted Driving Awareness Month.  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a division of the United States Department of Transportation, distracted driving is defined as “any activity that diverts attention from driving, including ta... READ MORE >>

The landscape of planning for the future is regularly changing, which is why it’s important to get solid advice from those whose business it is to monitor those changes.  Life insurance may not seem as urgent a need as automobile or homeowners, but not having it can make a huge difference when it comes to what may happen to your family should something happen to you. READ MORE >>

One popular way to increase one’s income is to purchase residential rental property.  According to The Rental Protection Agency, there are over 23 million landlords in the United States, 544 people become landlords each day, and a new rental unit is created every 80 seconds. READ MORE >>

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